SWM’S Life Coaching Program

In Partnership with

GIFTED Education Foundation

Students Without Mothers requires that all scholarship recipients participate in their Life Coaching Program. This program is designed to provide both advocacy and support to help students consistently make the best choices as they plan for the future. Participation in this career and life readiness program will help students make connections with their strengths and become conscious of the role different choices can make in their lives as they prepare for the future.

GIFTED Education Foundation provides the most accessible college, career and life readiness program in America and SWM is pleased to have them administer their program to the SWM Scholarship recipients. This program provides students with the advantage needed to succeed in college and the workplace as successful leaders.

Scholarship recipients will participate in Saturday sessions at the SWM offices where they will gain helpful information in many areas including:
  • • Life Skills

  • • Social Etiquette

  • • College and Career Awareness

  • • Scholarships and Financial Aid

  • • Relationship Development and Conflict Resolution Skills

For more information on GIFTED Education Foundation and the difference they are making in low- income communities, visit their website: http://iamgifted.org.